Tiu Chung Chau Kayak Experience

吊鐘洲 獨木舟
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Trip Introdction

  • Have been kayaking for several years, looking to explore further and see more?
  • The coach will take you beyond the waves, visiting inaccessible cave spots unreachable by car.
  • Guiding you through tunnels, experiencing the magnificent and majestic secrets of wind-eroded caves.
  • Complimentary photography service to capture your most beautiful memories.
  • Finally, taking you to explore unique fish farms, chilling out and taking a boat ride back to the pier.


Trip Information

.Event time: 10:00am-16:00pm
.Price: 850HKD
.Departure Point: Sai Kung Pier

.Including round-trip boat transfer to Kau Sai Chau, life jackets, paddles, canoe rental fees, and coaching fees.
.Not suitable for beginners or individuals with low physical fitness.


Location Overview

Jiuzhou Island is part of the Hong Kong Geopark and is part of the Mugang Group Islands, located south of Sai Kung Kau Sai Chau. At the southern end, there is a rock called "Golden Bell Rock", which resembles a goldfish wagging its tail, hence it is also called "Goldfish Wagging Tail". The famous "Bell Cave (also known as the Bell Arch)" is hidden under the cliff of this rock. Explore Jiuzhou Island and experience the wonders of nature.

Things to Notice

We will discuss and decide whether to proceed with the scheduled departure or reschedule it with participants before the departure date due to unfavorable weather conditions. If participants need to reschedule again due to weather concerns, they can choose to receive a full refund.

  • If a yellow or higher-level rainstorm warning/thunderstorm warning is issued by the Observatory within one hour before departure, the activity will be cancelled.
  • 出發期間,如天文台發出黃色或者以上暴雨警告/雷暴警告,領隊因應天氣情況會安排沿岸活動或回航,此情況將不獲退款安排。

Kayarine will provide a storage point. Our store will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. Please refrain from storing valuable items when using the luggage storage service.

In no circumstances should luggage storage be used for the following purposes:
Storing any flammable, corrosive, or hazardous items such as explosives, firearms, ammunition, or other types of items is strictly prohibited.
Storing any illegal or unlawfully used items is strictly prohibited.

If our store suspects that the stored luggage contains any of the aforementioned illegal items, we reserve the right to inspect it without prior notice.

Kayak 1500 HKD
SUP 2000 HKD
Paddle 150 HKD
Life Vest 100 HKD

Showering facilities located near the squash courts/sports field (free of charge).

to Google Map Link(Tennis Court)


Showering facilities near Sai Kung Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground (free of charge).

to Google Map Link



Showering facilities within the swimming pool area (charges apply).

to Google Map Link(Swimming Pool)

  • Swimming Pool:17HKD/8HKD(Children/Elderly)(Children below 3 years old)

Preparation beforehand

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