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Customer Reviews

Denys Pavlov
Denys Pavlov
Excellent service and experience. Very prompt, we were on the water within 15 minutes of arrival, made the most of a beautiful day.
yang king
yang king
Ratatouille C
Ratatouille C
Easy to book and we had a great time. We rented a double kayak for a day (9am-5pm) and it only costs HKD 200 (ie. HKD 100 per person), such a good deal! The kayak’s seat is comfortable since it has back support. Thank you to the friendly owner who suggests two islands to visit (羊洲 and 白沙洲), they are beautiful and easy to get to. Highly recommend!
Ka Hang Wu
Ka Hang Wu
早排去Kayak手殘跌咗部電話落海,幾位職員好積極幫我搵咗好耐;最後好彩有位潛開水嘅伯伯執到,由Kayarine聯絡返我。返去攞電話嘅時候想俾封利是仔佢哋都堅持唔收,話多啲幫襯就OK🥹 下次會再去返呢間🙌🏻
Cathy Wong
Cathy Wong
Katherine Cheung
Katherine Cheung
It was a very enjoyable experience joining the Sharp Island Kayak + Snorkelling Tour. 🏝 Billy was a very nice and professional coach who taught us how to kayak and snorkel patiently. He was also very knowledgeable about the places in Sai Kung and even introduced us some of the nice places where we can go next time. Thanks for taking 📸photos and videos for us and offering us watermelons and snacks too!! Watermelon was pure gold in such a hot and sunny summer day 🍉☀️ Shout out to Billy and Kayarine 🙌🏻

Future Event

July - October

Squid Fising


Recommended Place for Kayak & SUP

白沙洲 航拍 香港

Pak Sha Chau

Pak Sha Chau is located northwest of the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong, and it's a small island with a diameter of about 200 meters. It's the closest landing point to the Sai Kung town center and is a natural tiny isolated island. It's an ideal spot for beginners in Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) with its large sandy beach that is easily accessible from the shallow waters. Besides a small pier, the most unique feature of the island is its connection to another small island called "Little Churn Island" by a sandbar, forming a "Path of White Snow," a

Sharp Island is located in the Sai Kung District and is one of Hong Kong's geological parks, boasting various corals and marine life. The island is famous for its many peculiarly shaped rocks, such as one that resembles a pineapple, hence it's called the Pineapple Rock. Additionally, on Sharp Island, the tombolo forms a pathway towards the lighthouse direction during low tide, known as the "Path of Angels."

On the island, there are two beaches - Sharp Island Beach and Ha Men Wan Beach. Sharp Island Beach extends from north to west and has a convenience store supplying bottled water, soft drinks, and snacks, as well as changing rooms for bathing and changing clothes. Ha Men Wan Beach also has a convenience store and changing rooms. It takes about an hour to paddle from Ha Men Wan Beach to Sharp Island Beach and about 1.5 hours to paddle from Ha Men Wan Beach. If you don't want to paddle, you can also take a ferry from Sai Kung Pier. The fare is approximately 20-40 Hong Kong dollars depending on the route.

Sharp Island

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, originally named Hap Mun Bay, is situated on Sharp Island in Sai Kung. Legend has it that the alternate name "Half Moon Bay" originated from a misunderstanding due to the similarity in pronunciation between the English name of Hap Mun Bay and "half moon." Additionally, it presents a charming crescent shape.

In recent years, Half Moon Bay has become one of the most popular beaches, attracting swimming enthusiasts who appreciate clean, fine sand and convenient transportation. Its azure skies and crystal-clear waters have earned Half Moon Bay the reputation of being the "most beautiful public beach in Hong Kong."

No one has ever known the origin of the name Whisky Bay. Due to the fact that only kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, or speedboats can reach it, the area is relatively secluded. Similar to Half Moon Bay, Whisky Bay's crystal-clear waters and white sandy beach are enchanting. During the months of March and April, there are numerous sea urchins along Whisky Bay, so swimmers should be careful not to step on them while swimming on the beach!

Whisky Bay

Kayarine is the Best

A group of sea-loving folks from Sai Kung, exploring mountains and waters is second nature to us. Watching the sunrise from the hilltops with you, paddling through countless sunsets together—it's not just about the kayak or the paddleboard, but about the moments shared with that special someone. Life is like a game of chess, make your moves without regrets. Let's live to feel the pure joy of nature.

Equipment Rental

This includes stand-up paddleboards, single kayaks, double kayaks, and canoeing equipment such as paddles and life jackets.

Coach Service

Our instructors can educate beginners on how to use equipment such as kayaks and stand-up paddleboards safely and confidently, making learning an enjoyable experience.

Special Event

Every year, we carefully plan special events, such as organizing multiple squid fishing activities during the squid season.

Equipment Features


Pointed double kayak

The streamlined design helps to propel through waves and significantly reduces drag, but the narrow hull of the kayak can make sitting in the front seat a bit awkward. It's recommended for friends with smaller body types to sit in that position.

The carrying capacity of a pointed kayak is lower than that of a wide kayak, making it unsuitable for overnight camping or heavier individuals (total weight not exceeding 170kg).


Wide-bodied tandem kayak

Our wide-bodied kayak features a wider hull, with an additional space in the middle to accommodate a child. Theoretically, it's designed as a 2+1 kayak, allowing three people to ride together as long as their combined weight does not exceed 200kg. Some pet owners also bring their pets along for the sea adventure.


Single Seat Kayak - Point 65

It weighs less compared to the miscellaneous branded kayaks on the market, adopting a multi-layer design to reduce the chance of water ingress due to damage. Its fluid dynamics design significantly lowers the water resistance during movement, making it a dominant player among platform-style kayaks, suitable for intermediate to advanced kayaking enthusiasts.

Kayarine 直立板


Our stand-up paddleboards are of the 'All-around SUP' style, featuring a wider board for easier balance, making them particularly suitable for beginners. In terms of performance, they strike a balance, making our paddleboard rental pricing more affordable. We hope to cater to the needs of most beginner stand-up paddleboard enthusiasts.

Kayaking New Experience




Kayaking and Camping Spots in Sai Kung
  • Pak Sha Chau

    Pak Sha Chau is one of the sandbars in Sai Kung, conveniently located. It only takes about half an hour to reach by kayak from Sai Kung Pier, making it a popular camping destination for enthusiasts. However, it's important to note that during astronomical high tides, there's a chance Pak Sha Chau may be submerged by the tide. Remember to set up your campsite on higher ground to avoid this.

  • Whisky Bay

    Located southwest of Kau Sai Chau, it's a relatively small beach, compared to Pak Sha Chau, and more remote. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach from Sai Kung Pier. Whisky Bay is positioned to the west, offering a better view of the sunset. Similarly, due to the smaller beach area, it's advisable to set up your campsite on higher ground to avoid being submerged by the tide.

  • Kau Sai Bay

    is one of the medium-sized beaches in the Sai Kung District, but it's more remote compared to Whisky Bay. It takes about 2-3 hours to reach from Sai Kung Pier. It's worth mentioning the water quality and marine ecology of Kau Sai Beach, which is not only rich in species but also crystal clear. Being an inner bay beach, Kau Sai Bay experiences relatively calm waves, even during winter, when strong winds are less common.

Recommended Kayak Island Hopping Routes
Beginners Routes

Yueng Chau ➜ Pak Sha Chau ➜ Tai Chan Chau

Mid-level Route

Pak Sha Chau ➜ Tai Chan Chau ➜ Sharp Island Circumnavigation

Master Routes

Pak Sha Chau ➜ Sharp Island Beach ➜ Whisky Bay


Recommended Island Hopping Routes for speedboat tour

Tiu Chung Chau ➜ Man Kong Wan ➜ Fo Shek Chau



Kayak Island Hopping

Kayak island hopping refers to traveling back and forth between islands, and it's the most convenient and environmentally friendly option. In the vicinity of Sai Kung, there are many small islands with beaches and unique geological formations, such as sandbars and columnar rocks. Additionally, in this close-to-urban environment, the Sai Kung District has many scattered coral areas in the inner bay area.


Kayaking Snorkeling

Sai Kung District boasts the highest number of coral areas in Hong Kong, and kayaking is the most convenient way to access these coral zones for snorkeling. You can easily switch locations to explore various coral reefs. However, corals are fragile organisms, so when snorkeling in coral areas, remember to use reef-safe sunscreen and be careful not to step on them. Avoid touching corals and other marine life whenever possible.

Kayak and Snorkeling spots
Long Mong Wan

One of the small beaches located northeast of Qiao Ju Island, this area is part of a coral conservation zone, marked by triangular buoys. It's quite extensive and offers views of various types of stony corals.

West SIde of Sharp Island
Kau Sai Wan Nearby